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Is Your House Ready for Winter?

Winter is underway here in Northeast Ohio, and we should make sure our homes can withstand the rigors winter. Here are some winterizing issues a homeowner should be aware of:


Melting snow and ice can enter your house through a roof that needs repair. Look for cracked or missing shingles, worn patches on shingles, missing or damaged metal flashing, and any other conditions that may cause a leak. If the shingles look curled or lifted, try bending the corner of one - if it breaks, it is time for a new roof.


Gutters that are clogged with leaves and other debris should be cleaned out. Clogged gutters can fill with rain, melting ice and snow can easily overflow, causing basement flooding and water damage to siding, windows, and doors. The added weight of clogged gutters can also pull the gutters down from the eaves.


Check your home’s siding for cracks, damage, and separations between the individual siding boards. Defective spots should be sealed with a clear (or paintable) caulk.


All windows and exterior doors should have good seals and weather stripping. This makes the interior of your house warmer and saves money on heating costs. Any seals that are damaged or missing should be replaced. Storm doors should be kept operating properly – this helps keep your house warm and reduces energy costs. Door latches and hinges should be oiled to help the doors close properly. If your storm door has interchangeable glass and screen panels, remove the screens and install the glass panels.


Have your heating source inspected and serviced, if needed. Basic servicing of forced-air systems usually involves cleaning or replacing the filter, cleaning and vacuuming the blower, and repairing any leaks around the air ducts.


Taking good care of your home and performing maintenance checks and repairs not only covers you from the dangers brought about by the winter season. It also protects you from additional, and possibly bigger expenses.

To know more about how homeowners insurance can help protect you, your family and your home, speak to an agent.