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Toilet Failure Is A Leading Cause of Residential and Commercial Water Damage


Leaky plumbing fixtures and burst pipes are common reasons for commercial water damage insurance claims. Many plumbing problems are preventable with regular maintenance and a watchful eye. If a toilet is experiencing problems, call a professional immediately.

The worst damages happen because there may be water damage not visible on the surface and it continues to spread and worsen. Follow these recommendations to avoid costly water damage from toilet problems.

Toilet Failure

In a study conducted by IBHS, closed water damage claims were analyzed to determine the leading causes of significant damage claims and the surrounding details.

The leading cause was toilet failure, and the average cost of damages for this was about $5,500.

More than 30 percent of toilet failures were attributed to clogs or overflowing. 

Reducing Damages

After flushing the toilet, watch the water to ensure that it goes down and also that the valve completely refills the bowl and tank.

Inspect the supply, flush and fill valves twice each year. Also, look at the supply line. Be sure that the supply line can be turned off easily if necessary.

Another way to prevent water damage under the floor is to keep the toilet caulked around the bottom. Water can seep under the floor from a slow leak, condensation or an overflow. 

Why risk having a toilet destroy your business? Give me a call and we’ll talk about making sure you’re covered in the event leaky plumbing causes damage to your building.

Frances Zettl